July 11, 2014

So Close

Only a few more hours till I go on my first date with a man. There's a lot to do before including an appointment at the salon at 2. I never quite know what Miss Emily has set up for me there but I am sure I will get a new hairstyle and maybe some pampering.

I remember the first trip to to the salon. I was so nervous. The women there were nice and I guess a couple of them have become friends. One of them Alex, whose only a little older than me, says we have so much in common. That still surprises me.

But as I sit here with bra filled out and thinking about going on a date it's harder to deny.

Maybe I will be able to put this out of my mind while I do the laundry and then get ready for tonight. I sure hope so.



  1. I am going to guess that the date pushed you to your limits and you ran away changing back into men's clothes as quickly as you could.

    Post sometime and let me know if my guess is correct.

  2. Would love for you to continue this blog!